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Draco I love you so much you stupid like brat how old are you even here i don’t even know i am so tired

#oh dear sweet merlin yes #give me a draco covered in tattoos tho #give me gross rebel draco who becomes a weird kind of antihero #as an adult #gimme a draco who uses his family fortune to build orphanages #to give scholarships to kids coming from poor families #scholarships that go to muggleborns and purebloods alike #gimme draco who grows the fuck up and sees the error of his ways #give me a draco who tries to atone for his sins #who tries to hide his shame in a new kind of mask #no longer the cocky rich kid who’s better than you #now he’s the cocky punk just barely holding himself together #he nearly comes apart at the seams when he thinks too hard about his dark mark #but he knows if he gets it covered up #it’ll be seen as too much cowardice #i have too many feelings about draco malfoy and i need to stop (via manythingswillchange because these are basically all of my headcanons, never stop.)
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i pledge allegiance

to the butt

of captain america


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yeah she’s cute and all but is her feminism intersectional?

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I don’t want to go on about sexism in the Hobbit but every single person in the tapestry looks like a warrior, even Bilbo is holding a sword. Except Tauriel who is sitting down for some reason and Galadriel, aka the most powerful person in Middle Earth, is literally lying on the floor

It just annoys me how the only two female characters are both being portrayed as weak when every other character looks like a soldier

yes, don’t go on about sexism in the Hobbit. this is how Tolkien described women in the books. actually both The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings lack women, there are like just 5-10% of all characters. you could e annoyed but in the time Tolkien lived that type of writing was usual. even if the film creators today want to make the movie less sexist, they can’t do much work, cause they are gonna have to change the story. then people would get even more annoyed. just saying.

I know Tolkien wasn’t great on representation of women and yes he lived in a time where women were more oppressed.

However I disagree with you on some things. The film makers have specifically tried to make the hobbit less sexist by introducing female characters but what is the point of having them if they’re just going to use the old stereotypes of weakness? The film makers have already changed the story a lot so why not adapt it to make is less sexist.

I also think you’re wrong about Tolkien’s views on women. Tolkien wrote that Galadriel was the most powerful person in Middle Earth which is certainly not sexist as this means she is more powerful than Elrond, Thranduil and all of the Wizards. Also Eowyn was a strong female character who fought against prejudices against female warriors and ended up killing the creature that nobody else could kill

I’d say Tolkien wrote pretty strong women - and the film makers certainly could have done a lot more to make the female characters look less weak

knight-of-camelot: ”but in the time Tolkien lived that type of writing was usual.” The cultural context of Tolkien’s era does not excuse the poor representational decisions of today. 

The thing about adaptations is that they are often reinterpreted for the context in which they are made and exhibited. Just think about the differences between the animated Hobbit film from the 1977 and the films we’re watching now. Nearly 40 years between them, they reflect different technologies and attitudes. In regards to the PJax’s trilogy, the filmmakers of today have a wonderful opportunity to bring a new relevancy to Tolkien’s stories - in which women have agency and power. But do they take that opportunity?

As imrahil pointed out; Tolkien’s women are more progressive than you might think. The recently released poster, however, looks to be a step backwards. It’s a bit sad when the Jackson’s film of 2014 is less progressive than Tolkien’s writings of 1930s-50s.

One last point - I (and others) will continue to talk about sexism in The Hobbit and others films/literature/media for as long as it continues to be a problem. Discussing and understanding issues of representation in film/literature/media is fundamental for understanding wider issues of discrimination and oppression.

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Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Disney’s Fantasia (1940)

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aziz ansari’s voice in the back of my head faintly telling me to treat myself is going to be my downfall

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Game of Thrones Faux Pigeon Pie | A Table For Two
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